Manual Therapy

I am a certified Functional Range Release Provider, which is the gold standard of connective and soft tissue therapy and the lens I use during treatments. Tissues effected by FR Release® treatment include muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, bone, blood and most nerves. I am also a licensed massage therapist, providing traditional Swedish massage techniques and my variation of deep tissue massage.



My experience over the years, in conjunction with my education and being a manual practitioner has given me a unique adaptability to a variety of clients. With a more clinical mindset, my knowledge of the human body and its dynamic system(s) allows me as a coach to provide an appropriate individualized program confidently, safely, scientifically, and effectively.

At Human Animation our goal is to create an optimal foundation of human resiliency by building joint mobility, strength, power and endurance using kettlebells, barbells and other bodyweight skills.

Why Is FR Release® Different Than Other Methods?

  • It’s a clinical management systematic thought process that aligns the hands on and training side of management.
  • It’s not about “breaking up” anything but more about influencing how the tissues should begin (or continue) the adaptation process
  • Manual inputs are specific to findings.
  • FR Release® trained therapists have spent time learning to interpret specific findings, what they mean and how to appropriately intervene. As a result, this means that soft tissue therapy may not be the answer every time.
  • What many fail to understand is that typical “overuse” injuries are often a result of mobility issues. FR Release® begins the process of mobility training
  • Clinical hierarchy
  • FR Release® is currently utilized by therapists and athletes in MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, ATP, PGA and the UFC

What is clinical Hierarchy?

Knowing where, when and how to intervene to create the most effective systematic change utilizing Functional Range Assessment.

Prioritizing joint function first and foremost.  This is where Function Range Conditioning Principles are applied using CARs passively and actively by the practitioner to dictate whether there is joint "dysfunction".  CARs are Controlled Articular Ranges of motion to another.  Understanding tissue findings, what they mean and how to influence either the nervous system's control of the periphery first and foremost, followed by addressing the connective tissues via palpation and lastly, having an influence on the peripheral will create dysfunctional tissues, so if we can normalize a joint we will simultaneously normalize surrounding tissues.

Putting this all together starts to create a hierarchy of intervention.

(Courtesy of Dr. Michael Chivers, Sports Specialist Chiropractor and Master Instructor for Functional Range Systems) 


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